One System Interface for Airport Security

Bring all of your security applications together including Identity Management, access privileges, background investigations, training courses, ID documents and more.

“Everything is there in one place at our finger­tips.”

Simplify Complex Systems

Get new employees working quickly. Automate identity and credential validation and transform complex on-boarding processes into efficient, error-free workflows.

“We pulled our critical solutions together and we manage everything with Intellisoft’s easy-to-use application.”
Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Mobile Security

Verify identities and privileges, grant or deny access…
all from your mobile device in any remote situation.

Simplifying Identity Management at the world’s most discerning companies

FTSE 300 companies to large charitable organizations

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We asked 50 Airport Security Coordinators at CAT X, 1, and 2 airports across the United States to give their perspectives on leading security issues at their airports, identifying priorities and potential gaps in the areas of technology, training, and communication.

Their collective experiences span decades of escalating security threats and intensified compliance regulations, and their unified feedback forms this compelling snapshot of airport security.